Digital Marketing Strategies for Doctors in India

Is digital marketing for physicians and other healthcare workers even necessary? One of the biggest challenges facing doctors and other medical professionals in the modern healthcare system is finding new patients. Today, hospitals, clinics, and doctors spend thousands of dollars constructing opulent infrastructure and cutting-edge machinery to provide the finest care for patients, but they still fall short of expectations. Furthermore, we all rely on word-of-mouth advertising to attract clients or patients up to this point, but the prospective outcome is insufficient to cover the clinical costs.

However, the good news from the industry is that many medical practices and organizations have begun utilizing cutting-edge digital marketing technology not only to increase consumer awareness. But also to build strong consumer confidence and finally take the lead in the race for revenue creation. Moreover, patients are unaware of many excellent doctors who are available. Therefore, to increase branding, exposure, and ability to create income, you must be active on platforms where your potential patients hang out.

Therefore, this blog will give 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Indian Doctors like you to increase their clientele. So, check this blog to learn about it in detail!

Strategies To Use For Digital Marketing For Doctors


A website today is regarded as an online business card. It is the most crucial aspect of personal branding for doctors and other medical professionals.

Patients need to be able to access any information about you online. Thanks to the development of online CMS platforms like WordPress, where anyone can quickly create a website without any coding knowledge in less than a week.

Moreover, you may upload blogs, gather patient data, offer live chat, and more by building your WordPress website.

Email marketing

It is crucial to offer patients value and keep them updated via email newsletter on numerous health-related topics. The best tool you have at your disposal to keep your patients informed of all health-related information and to monitor their reports is email marketing.

Emails continue to be by far the best technique for developing trust and ought to be included in any doctor’s internet marketing plan. In your capacity as a doctor, you can also send customized emails to patients who need extra care.

Use social media

The simplest and least expensive method of brand development is social media. It is the simplest method for doctors to trademark themselves.

People spend a lot of time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where doctors may easily communicate with patients and even obtain recommendations. All clinic-related updates can also be shared with your patients on social media.

According to a survey, almost 60% of social media users are more willing to believe posts from doctors than posts from ordinary users.


You can’t ignore YouTube if you’re seeking digital marketing for doctors in India. The most popular channel in the nation is YouTube. Audiences now prefer audiovisual content over printed textual content.

Doctors should publish educational and entertaining films on websites like YouTube for their patients. It will assist you in establishing a solid reputation and a marketable face.

Patient feedback

Testimonials are extremely important for fostering trust among other patients. Doctors and medical professionals are required to gather patient feedback and post it on their websites and other social media channels.

You can record video testimonials from your patients and post them to Facebook and YouTube if they aren’t camera-shy. It will support potential customers in making decisions.

Paid ads

The illustration provides a PPC ad example of digital marketing for doctors in India. Doctors should launch paid advertising campaigns on websites like Google and Facebook, where they may advertise their services for a fee and reach a larger audience.

The best feature of Google and Facebook ads is that they let you ignore the general public and focus on the right demographic. Make sure you read all of the terms and conditions of the advertising platform you are utilizing for your advertising services.


The work that doctors can accomplish here is crucial. Doctors must regularly upload health-related blogs to provide content that their patients can read and share.

They will benefit greatly in terms of brand development. When it comes to promoting the brand of doctors and physicians, blogging is incredibly powerful. When people are in poor health, doctors can also share some of their patient experiences and patient anecdotes to assist others in coping mentally.

Local SEO

The majority of patients often visit doctors in their area. Therefore, performing local SEO for their services is crucial for doctors. Therefore, be sure to fill out all of the information on your Google My Business profile, including your address and phone number. People will naturally contact you once they are aware of you.

Directory listings

Additionally, doctors must be listed in directories like just dial, sulekha, etc. They should also take into account health rankings and medical directories like Practo, etc. When it comes to online visibility, it will be beneficial.

Events Marketing

Nobody is aware of the numerous charity camps and events that doctors attend. Therefore, it is your duty as a doctor to inform others of it.

Face and Instagram Live are both available. Post a variety of things on social media and your Google My Business account so that others can see that you are constantly informed on the newest trends.


Digital marketing is essential for doctors in the modern world. However, doctors are very busy people, particularly in India, where there is a severe shortage of medical professionals.

As a result, they can outsource marketing to a reputable digital marketing company that excels at developing and implementing marketing strategies for physicians. Doctors are the ones who truly carry out God’s job. Hence they must continue their good deeds.