Top Essential Tools for Digital Nomads

Working immensely without leaving the comfort of your home was a hit idea, and continues to be so especially for this year. However there has been practice for a long time but it is in 2020, being a remote worker got recognition. Many leading firms and employees are going to continue this new form of work experience. That is quite obvious, who doesn’t like cutting down the pressure and environment of an office to your comfort zone. 

To define, Digital Nomads are generally remote workers working for foreign countries owing to the wireless Internet capabilities like smartphones, tablets and so on. However, digital nomads have not recently emerged, but its popularity is new.

Who likes to be chained to a desk where you can get the liberty of being wherever you want to and still dont stop your earnings? Well, this luxury is the prior reason why the number of digital nomads are increasing day by day. Let’s have a look on the other factors which have contributed to the popularity of digital nomads.

  • Widespread Internet connectivity
  • Less-location dependency 
  • Political reasons such as instability in their home country
  • Diminishing long-term career opportunities

Also, being a digital nomad helps you earn in higher currency sometimes. 

However easier and professionally-free life the digital nomads experience, there are certain limitations here too. Thanks to technology, a lot of tools and techniques have been developed to put an end to digital nomads’ struggles till date. So, here are the top essential tools for digital nomads

Skype- Better Communication

Wherever you are or whichever field you work in, having no communication lag is always desirable and needed. And, Skype is certainly the best and the most popular tool in this aspect. It is ideal for corporate meetings as it provides a variety of facilities to make a virtual meeting no less than an in-person meeting. If your place has good internet connectivity, all sorts of communication naming audio, chats and video conferencing is possible, whereas places having internet issues can also use Skype’s audio and messaging features.

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Dropbox- Sharing file and folders

When a lot of people are working together on a project, it becomes very essential for them to be well-connected in terms of sharing files and folders. This aspect of remote working is made simple by Dropbox. It understands that collaborative remote work needs constant cloud file sharing, and dropbox makes it possible. It is free to use upto a certain limit, 5GB of storage , and it costs upto $9.99 per month for more.

Slack- Management

This tool provides you with invaluable spaces to discuss and manage day to day tasks in a more efficient manner than email could ever perform. It helps every team member to be connected and don’t miss out on anything when they are not present. 

Slack has over 8 million users, who are building their success stories with the tool. Digital nomads are successfully replacing the traditional form of engaging such as emails to Slack.

When I Work – Organise and Plan

When I work I am basically a time organizer, which benefits both employees and employers to work, schedule and organise everything together or on a pre-decided time.

It enables an employer to plan and assign the task to each and every team member easily, keep a check on the task completed. Also, the employer or the employee can keep a track on their working days or hours efficiently. This tool is as beneficial for in-office workers as it is for digital; nomads. This tool has over 100,000 users till date. When I Work is absolutely free for upto 75 users or team members. 

Express Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Safe and Secured

This tool is more security based than being a management or production tool. As digital nomads are mostly on motion while working, hacking of gadgets/networks or government intervention and censorship can give rise to serious issues, therefore in order to avoid it, having a Virtual Private Network is very essential.

Express Virtual Private Network is the fastest VPN and super easy to install. It helps you hide your IP address, location details, encrypt your communications and make you stream faster. Therefore help you overcome any unwanted interruption while working overseas. 

Yet Another Mail Merge- Email Marketing Tool

This one’s for all the business out there! Yet Another Mail Merge is an email marketing tool, which saves your time and energy by sending multiple mails at the very same time. 

Although, working as a digital nomad also comes up with disadvantages, these kinds of tools come as a savior. Having remote work demerits is just one side of the coin, and that too quite a small one! With these top essential digital nomad tools, everyone can look forward to turning himself into a digital nomad.

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