Wurkr: The Working Together From Anywhere

Working remotely is the need of the hour, right? Owning to the pandemic, we all have somehow managed to learn our ways to the internet. The Internet forms an integral part of our lives and it holds more important now than ever. However difficult it was to get accustomed with the process at first, especially for the workforce, it seems to be more convenient now to work from the comfort of their home. 

As per the prediction, By 2025 about 70% of the workers will work remotely at least 5 days in a month

Although, working from home has its own comfort level but the sense of security is always questionable, isn’t? In such scenarios, a trusted digital partner is always preferred. Here comes, our workplace innovation tool, Wurkr. Wurkr is an innovative start-up which enables businesses to work and operate efficiently without worrying about the location barrier.

Wurkr truly aims at transforming the future of work through the means of advanced video conferences, meeting rooms and by giving equal importance to employee well-being. 

For employers, it enables them to hire the best talented and skilled workforce without worrying about the location criteria as the digitalization is 100% safe and secured. On the other hand, Wurkr is equally beneficial for job-seekers as well. It enables them to work from the comfort of their home, that too for their desired companies, again with no location barrier. 

Some of the core values Wurkr provides are

1. Employee well-being: The well-being of the employees holds the topmost importance in Wurkr. This is insured in every way possible.

2. Connectivity: Wurkr successfully connects every meeting room, chats and video meeting with utmost professionalism.

3. Inclusiveness: In Wurkr they ensure that every remote worker feels like an essential part of the team (which they are). Through better connectivity, Wurkr makes every employee feel heard and answered. 

4. Accessibility: Accessing every team member by easily connecting them with the help of video meetings, voice calls and chat rooms can be done through Wurkr.

These are Wurkr core values, which they thoroughly abide by. Quality work and Secured connection always comes under its expertise.

Lets us take a look at how Wurkr helps business and employees around the world to achieve their desired results simply by getting started with them.

Wurkr successfully helps in digitalization of your company by removing the communication and the connection barrier between the employee and the employer living in the same/different parts of the world. 

Essential features of Wurkr 

1. Wurkr helps team members to work efficiently. It enables businesses to work easily with their team members through Video, Audio and Chat support. Video meetings can easily be connected from anywhere anytime. The audio support is convenient and gives the feel of an actual office. Chat rooms enable instant messaging to colleagues in the office, either one to one conversation or to everyone in the chatroom.

2. A 100% secured platform, which provides end to end encryption of all the communication, whether it is through video, audio or simple chatting. Wurkr video calls are made by WebRTC, which provides rock-solid video call security.

3. The sense of being always connected in the workplace is truly felt through Wurkr. One can easily present their ideas through presenting or sharing their screen with their colleagues. With Wurkr, you can also invite someone who is not a part of your team such as an external guest, prospects or clients. Invitees can be meet in the virtual reception and walked to the meeting rooms.

4. Wurkr always provides an open office plan in which you can have different workspaces for team members. The team can easily get connected to the meeting rooms whenever discussions are required. You can easily customise your workplace too according to your work demand and ethics. Room logos and names can be customized too. Meeting lock or Room lock are also available. Therefore, you can have uninterrupted, secure and confidential meetings easily.

5. As employee well-being is always our priority, break rooms come under our agenda too. Employees as well as employers can easily move to the break room to have non-formal chit-chats and to relax a bit.

Wurkr provides different plans to choose from which can easily accommodate from 10 to 250+ team mates in a workplace. Wurkr is easy and secure to use. One can easily work and operate their enterprise from anywhere anytime. 

In short, Wurkr is an amazing replica of your physical workplace. Although it’s 100% virtual, it has got all the elements which an ideal office should have. Successfully eradicating the location, travel and time barrier it is truly the workplace of the future. It enables businesses to cultivate company culture, encourage collaboration through promoting remote working in distributed environments. By now, you would have understood that Wurkr is more than just a video conferencing room, it is the whole office in itself. 

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