Amazon Kindle Review: Make Money With Kindle Publishing

As technology is modernizing and the internet has been revolutionized. The traditional methods of books have been changed. It has become easy for people who can string words together to write on their own and publish it. As it’s now very accessible for authors, writers, and the reader to get what they want, just one click away. 

Currently, there are plenty of different ways to earn profit by publishing your book. But one service stands out of others: Amazon’s Kindle publishing. 

So, let’s go through the Amazon Kindle review and understand how to make money with it.

What Is Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce retailers. In 2007 Amazon published Amazon kindle which is also known as Digital Text platform. They have a series of Ebook readers and writers. The author and publisher have the authority to independently publish their books. 

The store from which they can purchase the books is known as the kindle store. To publish the book the platform is used is called Amazon kindle publishing. 

How To Start Amazon Kindle Publishing 

1. Find your niche :

Niche is one of the most important aspects of all. Until and unless you are not aware of your niche or target audience you wouldn’t be capable of writing accordingly. As it plays a great role to choose your vocab, wording, and the pattern of explanation accordingly. 

Next, look into the ebook category located on the sidebar of the kindle page, find your niche according to the category and subcategory. Then look into your Ebook and see in which category does it fall in.

For further enhancement in your work do a little bit of research on your own. Read the reviews to find out how popular the particular topic is. What are the rankings and how does it work? What does your audience expect? And relatable questions according to your situation at the moment. 

2. Do Amazon keyword research : 

Keyword search is different when searching for a blog post and kindle ebook.  When you are searching keywords for your blog post you are targeting the audience who will search in search engines particularly Google. Their perception of searching for information will be for any particular information or image or video or anything trendy. The algorithm of google works with the prediction based on their search history. 

Whereas, the keyword search for Amazon products. You are dealing with the specific kind of mindset audience who are looking for a specific product such as an ebook with the intention to purchase. That’s why it’s one of the most important things that your e-book is the first thing which appears.

Therefore, the keywords for Amazon are more vital, the goal is here to find the perfect keywords or phrases to attract potential buyers. The keywords should be very specified for your particular target audience or it’s going to mislead. 

3. Write the eBook :

The core step is writing an Ebook. Ebook is particularly your product which will make you earn the profit. The way you write for your audience, the topic you choose is according to your own choice and style. Every writer is unique in their own way. But there are some fundamental points that should be kept in mind while writing. Which will be discussed below. 

• Organize your eBook into chapters:

Whenever you start writing your writing process. First of all, you compile up all the major topics and arrange them in a particular way that everything is covered up in it. Keep in mind what exactly are you going to preach in your topic and you fulfill every knowledge which is required for it. 

You want everything to be smooth and seamless, without abrupt endings or awkward starts accordingly.  The topics of chapters and subchapters will help the audience to understand their need regarding that particular knowledge. 

• Always aim to provide value:

Until and unless there isn’t anything valuable in the book it wouldn’t be considered worth it to purchase. The book should be in such a way that It doesn’t have useless speeches in it which makes it unattractive to read.

The book should be elaborate in such a way that the reader has understood the concept clearly. 

Take a close look at how you have conveyed your message, the sentence should be understandable and proper in every way (grammatically, active-passive voice ) or it will lose its value. 

Hire a proofreader, to check up on your quality of work. Shabbily work is unreadable and unreadable work is useless. Few steps can make your work worth it.

• Never forget whom are you writing for:

When you are writing one of the major issues that arise is the writer gets lost in a particular topic and loses his track. Which decreases the value of the book. So, keep in mind who your target audience is. What exactly do they need? Write in such a way that you are speaking to them so you can feel what is necessary to say and what’s not. Indicate them directly by addressing them. Know their language and their mindset and perception, which brings them here to purchase your book. The reason for that knowledge and how much deep they should be able to know about it.

4. Make a catchy title and create your eBook cover : 

The title plays a great part in ebook writing, sales and to attract your customer. If the title is not proper the reader or the audience wouldn’t be attracted to it.

Making them attractive is not the only thing that is concerning, choosing the right title according to the book is also very considerable as it can mislead the audience towards the book and can create a false impression. 

The title should be very catchy, visible, appealing, and relevant so it attracts the right audience. Not only the title of the book is only considerable. the color, fonts, and graphics should be appropriate which can give the right impact of the book. It’s best to hire a graphic designer for your book title

5. Set up an Amazon KDP account :

It’s pretty easy to have an Amazon account. If you haven’t made your account yet. Go to Amazon KDP and press on the sign in. 

Enter your email address, password, and username. And you have created an account. 

After creating your account, you need to enter author, payment, and other tax information.

6. Gather your requirements together & upload your eBook :

There are some essentials to upload an ebook on the Amazon KDP platform. 

Those essential are:

:- Your ebook manuscript in .docx. 

:- Ebook cover .jpeg format 

:- Amazon book page: keywords, title, description. 

:- Choose the category in which the book falls in at least 2. 

:- Price of the book.

Once your ebook is approved by kindle it will be live on the Kindle store within 2 days. 

Woohoo! Now you are an official author and have published your book. 

How To Make Money Kindle Publishing

If you are not going to make money from the Amazon kindle there is no use to spend your precious time on it. Until and unless you have plenty of leisure time. 

Knowing how to make an Amazon account and dealing with ebook stuff is half of the battle on its own. The other half is how to make money from it. Let me explain to you how you will be capable of doing it. 

1. Sell copies of your eBook :

The number of copies you sell depends on your target audience, market and how do you promote your book. 

Few things should be kept in mind while you start your market. 

:- Before you have published your book. You should have made your marketing channel to promote it accordingly. It will also help you to know what your audiences are expecting from you and how you can provide them the best product according to their needs.

Promote your book by providing it free to the first few customers and ask them to review your book. So, you will be capable of having early reviews. Open a campaign, provide offers relatable to your book. 

:- Your ebook cover plays a great role in selling your book. The cover should be marketable, attractive, and elegant in such a way that it does fulfill the requirement of what’s been elaborated in the book. 

:- Optimizing your ebook for Amazon search so it can target the right audience. Keywords are very important for descriptions. Amazon asks for 7 keywords for your ebook description. 

Remember, use the same keywords in the Amazon description which you have used in your book context. So, it can be easy for Amazon to find your ebook. 

:- Easy access is what people prefer. You can offer paperback versions on Amazon or use other publishers. The book can be audio format as well. You can narrate your book by yourself or hire a voice actor to do so. 

:- The price of an ebook matters, there are plenty of factors that should be considered while pricing your book. It should not be higher than the market rate nor it should be lower than that. 

One of the advice is that sell your book at a discounted rate but not free as the book wouldn’t have it worth any more.

2. Create and offer multiple eBooks :

As I have said earlier, it’s a game of number. The more ebooks you have the more potential you have, the more customers you have, there will be a more profitable business.

Writing multiple books has its own benefits. It will enhance your skills, you will write something which will resonate with plenty of other readers and become highly successful. 

Write an ebook that is other than your niche. Because if you write in a single niche you will know there will be plenty of issues regarding it. 

Create a series of your ebook which will make your reader curious and will help you out to write a number of books and will create a demand. 

3. Use your eBooks as marketing tools :

You can’t just only earn by your product or services. Sometimes, the people who subscribed to your channel and buy from the links you added you’ll be able to earn from that. Eventually, you will be able to make them your customers. 

Links can be used anywhere on the ebook Amazon. In fact, it’s used in the table of content to directly go into the particular section of the book. 

You can insert links almost anywhere in the book. If you have a book of series or a blog page you can link to it accordingly. 

But there is some restriction while adding the links:

:- Amazon does not allow the links of competitors. 

:- Amazon does not allow affiliate links in the ebook. 

:- They does not allow Links to pornography, and the links which are offensive. 

You can use links as marketing by:

:- By using your blog page linked to it so you can do the marketing of your page as well. The readers are curious about the authors, so they like to check out their blog pages and their other works. 

:- You can invite your readers to your mailing list to subscribe to you and promote you. 

:- Link your social media, so you have plenty of followers and they can promote you and the level of trust will be developed. 

:- If you have any product or services you can link that as well. it will act as a free promoting campaign. 

:- You can add affiliate links other than the Amazon affiliate. 

 Final Verdict:

Using Amazon Kindle is just like starting a business. It needs plenty of patience, hard work, and strategy. If you are passionate enough and want to start your career in it or Even if it’s just for enhancement of your skills use Amazon kindle or whatever is feasible and earn money. 

Amazon kindle is the best platform as it provides plenty of promotion strategies. It helps you to grow and is more convenient than any other platform. The best part is that it’s trustworthy. 

There are few things that should be kept in mind are the quality of your book, the strategy you used for marketing. Take as much as a benefit you can take from it by promoting your product by introducing yourself. When you succeed, the benefits are far greater than just your royalties. Self-publishing makes you a better writer, a better marketer, and an authority in your niche. 

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