How to increase the CPC of Google AdSense

Before we dive into details, you must know what CPC is. CPC is Cost Per Click, which indicates the amount one pays for every click on Pay Per Click ads (PPC) in the Google ads platform. The Google AdWords advertising program shows the advertisements on the web pages if you choose Google AdSense. And every click on the ad is monetized. So, the webpage holder or blogger earns profit from Google by placing AdSense spaces. Google pays a percentage of what the advertisers pay for particular advertisements. If the CPC price increases, the profit from the adverts also grows. Here are some ways to increase the CPC of Google AdSense.

Driving traffic

It may sound pretty old school, but the foremost responsibility to increase the CPC is drawing traffic to your webpage. Google provides relevant advertisements on the web pages. So, if your niche is centred and focused, then this will work well. You must be transparent about what you want to advertise, and it also should be relevant for the traffic. There are many technological ways to check the popularity of web pages. And Google never fails to check that before fixing ads on the pages. It also considers CTR or Clickthrough Rate as an important parameter. So, the summary is that if you gain more CTR, you are expected to have a higher CPC.

Growing your page in a niche-focused way and maintaining content with keywords can help increase CPC. You are expected to have similar adverts after getting keyword-based traffic. And Google AdSense ads get more chances to get viewed by visitors. The visitors oriented on your niche will click and buy from the relevant adverts.

Google algorithms

You cannot skip the part played by Google algorithms. If your domain has specific keywords and Google regards your domain as profit-centric, then your CPC will increase. If Google senses your web page as customer-friendly, you will receive a higher CPC in return. If you publish irrelevant content instead of your niche and target, then Google will not show relevant adverts. And as a result, you will not get a higher CPC in AdSense. So being domain-oriented helps you to get rewarding CPC in AdSense.

Role of keywords and SEO

The highest-paying keywords always succeed in giving you higher CPC. Top advertisers bid for the best keywords and want to rank top on the search engine. It is out of your power to choose AdWords ads that will pop up in your AdSense blocks. Here Google plays the trick to choose what ads are for which page as per relevance and popularity of traffic. So, choosing keywords can be a game-changer step for increasing CPC!

SEO also plays an important role in growing CPC. The meta description and title of your content with specific keywords matter! If you follow general SEO techniques in your content, then CPC should be rewarding!

Number of Ad blocks matters

If you choose too many ad blocks per your content size, the result may be unsatisfactory. And your content must have relevant information as per the adverts to avoid popping up public ads! And such irrelevant adverts will harm the growth of the CPC. So, think twice before placing ad blocks for short content. You can check the results of CPC by placing one ad block on the page, and then you can add one later to check which performs well. Sometimes one ad block for short content is more beneficial than multiple adverts! You can also check by comparing video ads vs single-text ads and many other ways.

Positioning ad blocks

Deciding the right placement of Ad blocks can step up the progress. You can choose the place at the top right, bottom, in the middle of the page or anywhere. Google generally selects the first placement for the highest-paying advertisements.

AdSense channels

Using proper AdSense channels can help in increasing CPC in Google AdSense. Tracking ad units with the help of custom channels is a great way! You can set channels for each ad block separately to track results. So, you can change the placement of ad blocks for better performance. You can even remove ad blocks if they fail to perform in the expected ways.

Types of advertisements

Text, video, and image adverts are there to place on the ad blocks. But you must remember that not all people like all types of advertising! Some people like to watch video ads, whereas others may skip them. And skipping the ad makes it useless as it loses CPC growth. So, you can set up a test period to check which type of ads are getting more clicks. Finally, all that matters is the click on the advert and nothing else! But image or video ads always get a better response in general. And relevant niche and advertisement draws higher visitors and generates more CTR. This increases the chance of getting a higher CPC on AdSense.


Increasing the CPC of Google AdSense is not difficult if you follow some simple steps, as discussed. If you maintain the web page strategically, then CPC should increase shortly. But you must keep checking the performance frequently to make it a continuous growth. And thus, CPC will increase in AdSense automatically.

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