How To Learn Machine Learning By Yourself?

In today’s digital world machine learning has become an important aspect and the demand of machine learning skill has been increasing massively. So, in this article you will find how you can learn machine learning by yourself.

So, let’s proceed…

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) that teaches the computer systems the capacity to automatically learn & improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. More importantly, it mainly focuses on the development of computer programs which can access data and use it to learn for themselves.

What Are The Benefits Of Machine Learning:

In this world of technology, There are plenty of perks of machine learning as it’s the future and present of our world. 

According to Google: Machine Learning is the future and the future of Machine Learning is going to be very bright.

1. Machine learning helps to increase your efficiency by using a logarithm which helps in collecting data analyzing and making the work efficient. Such as, “Amazon Go detects the items” it is one of the most innovative and efficient technologies of today’s era.  

2. You can understand your customers and personalize your marketing campaign.

3. It helps in detecting the frauds. In the world of online transactions the number of hackers has increased. So for the security purposes and for the safety of the business machine learning is used. 

4. As the demand is growing up for the technology the demand in career and there is a rise of jobs in such modern field have been raised. Machine learning is a part of data science, data science is considered as one of the sexiest jobs in this modern era. 

Procedure To Learn Machine Learning 

Haven’t you been tired of spending plenty of money on such courses which aren’t even worth it. In this era, skills matters more than the certificates. So why don’t we learn machine learning by yourself rather then spending plenty of money on such useless courses or the courses which aren’t even worth the money. 

I would like to share some tips to learn machine learning on your own.

1. Create A Routine 

First of all whenever we have decided to make a habit of anything we have to create a routine and keep in mind why are we creating it at the first place. Discipline or working in a particular manner will help you achieve your goal. 

2. Motivate Yourself 

Whenever we are going to work from home or learn from home it’s the easiest to get distracted and unmotivated. As, we don’t have a friend or a companion to work with who motivates or encourages us so we have to Motivate it on our own. 

3. Read Books

Reading books is one of the biggest source of mediation and a way to gain knowledge. Read particular books to make a routine or to Motivate yourself. in fact you can read the books related to field, you are willing to learn on your own. 

Some of the best books to read for the beginner of machine learning are:

1. Machine learning for absolute beginners: A plain English introduction (second addition) by Oliver theobald. 

2. Fundamentals of machine learning for predictive data analysis: Alogarithm works, example and case study by John D keller. 

3. Machine learning in action by Peter Harrington. 

4. Learn From Free Online Courses or YouTube Channel 

When you have to learn on your own, only books wouldn’t provide you all the knowledge and our brain is trained in such a way that we need explanations and brief description when we are about to learn anything new. Until and unless we couldn’t understand the particular concept we wouldn’t be capable to learn.

So some of the best youtube channel to learn machine learning are:

1. Data school have 148k subscribers

 In data school the guy name is Kevin Markham, he have taught data science by using the  language python. He have offered in depths tutorials to make the student understands the basics.

2. Machine learning TV have 18.1k followers.

3. Luis serrano Followers 66.2k 

His goal is to simplify the complex topics such as mathematics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. He capture the concepts of theory and present in an understandable way. 

5. Practice

One of the biggest thing is to practice as you have heard, “Practice makes the man Perfect”

You can have plenty of knowledge and it will be useless if you aren’t capable to implement it. 

Practice it daily or weekly according to your feasibility. 

Few best platforms to practise machine learning are: 

1. Kaggle. 

2. Google colab. 

3. Machine hack. 

4. Cloud X lab. 

Hope you find it beneficial and can learn machine learning on your own. Machine learning has plenty of benefits even if you are a student or a business owner it will help in either way. 

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