What Is Two Factor Authentication and How To Enable It On Social Media

What Is Two Factor Authentication

The two factor authentication, the name it-selves informs that the login will be verified twice,  two factor authentication helps you to protect your account in addition to your password. If you have enabled the two-factor authentication code, you need to enter a special login code or confirm your login attempt each time someone tries access your social media account from a browser or mobile device which Google doesn’t recognize in fact you get the alerts in email or text message whatever you have entered the information when it was asked during the enable of 2FA. 

More importantly, the two factor authentication was introduced when a number of hacking occurred; there were plenty of cases of cyber security related to the accounts. 

How To Enable 2FA On Facebook

The Procedure to enable 2FA on Facebook. 

1. Once you are logged into your social media. Press on the menu bar 

2. Click on the settings.Press on security and login.

3. Once you have clicked it, a two factor authentication bar will appear. 

4. Enable the 2FA you will get 3 options: text messages, Authentication app or recovery code. 

5. In text messages you will be given a code via text message to confirm your login. In the Authentication app the app will be used as a confirmation for your login via code. Lastly, the recovery code is most probably used when you have lost your phone or are unable to receive the  messages through your phone or authentication app. 

How To Enable 2FA On Twitter

To enable 2FA on Twitter you have follow these steps: 

1. Open your twitter account and go to the main menu. 

2. There will be a bar name setting and privacy. 

3. Click on the settings bar, then press on Account. 

4. There will be a login and security section, Press on security. 

5. Once you have clicked on security click on Two Factor Authentication. In the 2FA section you will find three options: text message, Authentication app and security key. 

6. In text message it will use your mobile phone to text you the login code for second confirmation whenever you login from an unknown device. 

7. In the Authentication app it will use an app for authentic code for your confirmation. 

8. In the security key option there is a physical key that inserts into your computer or sync into your mobile. It is just used for twitter.com. 

How To Enable 2FA On Instagram 

To enable 2FA on instagram you have to use the following few steps below. 

1. Login to your Instagram account. 

2. Press the main menu, click on the security bar. 

3. In the login security section you will find Two factor authentication. 

4. Press the bar of 2FA and turn it on. there you need to provide a number for the code to confirm your login. 

5. If you are using an Instagram app you will be asked to install an authentication app as well and the code will be provided there through the DUO mobile security app. 

Woo hoo! Now you can secure your account with 2FA and save yourself from phishing or getting hacked. 

I hope you’ve got the what is two factor authentication and the steps to enable it on your social media accounts in order to protect your data. 

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