Massive Surge In Downloads Of TikTok’s Indian Rival Chingari App

On Monday, the Indian government took the decision to ban 59 Chinese Apps including Popular short video making app TikTok, which are in connection with china and spying user’s data.

This has led to a massive surge in downloads of TikTok’s Indian rival Chingari App. 

Notably, within a short period of time, the Chingari App has witnessed more than 5 lakhs downloads on the Android Play store.  

Earlier informing rise in downloads of Chingari app one of co-founder Sumit Ghosh Tweeted

“All previous records will be shattered today! Approx 10,000 users per min in the app. 3 million videos swiped/watched per hour” 

More importantly, Chingari welcomed the Indian government’s decision to ban Chinese based apps.

We (Founders) are happy with the step, I thank, and Narendra Modi sir and we welcome TikTok users to come and try Chingari. The app is a 100% Indian app” Gosh says in a statement.

Additionally, another short video making app Mitron is another competitor to TikTok.

According to the report, it has grown well and crossed 10 million downloads. 

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