WhatsApp Launches Digital Payment System For Users In Brazil

Popular tech giant Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp has rolled out digital payment systems in the brazil. The company announced on Monday. (TechCrunch)

More importantly, payments are enabled by facebook pay. Now users can send an amount securely or make a purchase from a local merchant without leaving chat.

Furthermore, it require no fees for customers to use the whatsapp payment service, but businesses will require to pay a processing fee to receive payments from customers

Earlier back in 2018 Whatsapp tested the payment system in india.

Notably, users need to integrate a debit or credit card to their WhatsApp account. The transactions are safe and secure with either a special six-digit PIN or fingerprint in order to avoid any manipulation of transactions.

Moreover, the company stated that it will support credit or debit cards from Banco do Brasil, Nubank & Sicredi. And working with Cielo Brazilian payments processor.

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