What Is Chingari App? All You Need To Know About Chingari App

Hey there, I know how it feels when our favorite app gets banned and we can not use it anymore, and I know that some of you are the rockstar in your friends and family. And I also love making cool short videos, who doesn’t, right? Well!! In that case, I have something interesting for you, let me introduce you, the desi Indian TikTok alternative Chingari. So, let’s find out What is Chingari App?

What Is Chingari App?

Chingari app is a short video making and sharing platform in other words it is an Indian version of the TikTok app. Moreover, it allows users to view capture and upload short videos on its platform. The app also allows users to create WhatsApp video status, lip-sync, and much more. Chingari app also supports multiple languages such as Hindi, English, Telugu, and many more. Chingari app is free to download from Google Play and IOS. 

Who Founded Chingari App

Chingari App was founded by two Bengaluru based programmers Biswatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam.

Chingari was launched on Google Play in November 2018 while it was launched on Apple app store in January 2019.

How To Set Up A Chingari App?

 Users can download Chingari app from both Google Play Store and App Store. You can open any of these applications and search for the Chingari app. Tap and install the app.

1. After installing the app, open it.

2. Accept the terms and conditions by tapping on the accept button.

3. Choose language.

4. Tap on the sidebar on the left side of the app’s home screen and choose Web login option.

5. On a pop up window Tap on continue.

6. Tap on Sign in with Google and choose the google account you want to use. Then create your account by entering a few credentials.

Once you register, head back to the home screen of the app and start making videos by tapping on the video recorder icon from the button present on the left side of the screen. User has the option to choose a front camera or rearview camera and record the video. There are various options to choose from to edit a video. Users can add music, emojis, filters etc to the videos. After all types of editing the users can the share the video on the platform.

All You Need To Know About Chingari

Chingari the Indian Short video-making application has been making a lot of buzz among short video lovers. It is said that chingari is the desi rival to Chinese tik tok. After India imposed a ban on 59 Chinese Apps one of which was tik-tok, the most loved app among Indian youngsters. The search for its alternative started among Indians. A lot of Indian short video apps started getting attention one among them is the Chingari app which has used the chinese apps ban opportunity effectively. It has garnered over 5 million-plus downloads in just 10 days. Sumit gosh Chief of Product and Growth said that top 20 percent of its users are spending 1.5 hours daily on the app and the average daily engagement time for its users is 7.5 minutes.

The App pays its content creators just like Vmate that is on the basis of how viral the video becomes. when the user uploads a video he gets paid with points, for views that can be redeemed for money.    

Talking about its user interface it is the same as that of TikTok but with some differences and lesser functions. Users have to swipe up or down to view new videos. To see the profile of the creator you need to click on the picture you see at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, there are three categories that are Videos, News, and game zone to entertain.

The news Tab on the app is a reliable source for the information you can follow new publishers to access their content with a single tap or consume news category wise. To read the news you can click on a news article, the website opens for you within the app’s in-app browser.

The game zone is a neat addition to the Chingari app for those who like to play quizzes and mini-games to earn points and Paytm cash. The app provides bingo, quizzes, and a long list of minigames to choose from. The app also includes games like sudoku, Cut the rope, etc.

Is It Safe To Use Chinagri App

Well!! Talking about the Chingari’s security, popular french researcher Elliot Alderson says that the website of Globussoft, the Chingari app so-called Indian TikTok alternative has been compromised, meaning he finds flaw in Chingari app. 

Whereas replying to his comment the co-founder of this platform Sumit Ghosh says that the platform was incubated by Globussoft and the security or privacy of the Chingari app haven’t been compromised. 

Chingari vs TikTok

Both Chingari and TikTok apps allow users to create and share short videos. Talking about the user base TikTok has huge users in several countries especially in india. 

Whereas the homegrown Chingari app recently entered the market and is gaining a lot of attention from the users in India. 

Additionally, Due to the privacy of user data TikTok is losing its impression on the indian users and looks like Chingari app wins the battle in the comparisons, as users are giving first priority to the Chingari app.   

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the hype of the Chingari app is booming really well among the Indian users. The app is a completely Indian app. More importantly, as compared to the other homegrown Chingari app is getting a good response and also getting good reviews and ratings.

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