What Is Triller App? The Rival Of Most Controversial App

Are you aware of this? Who is the biggest competitor of the popular short video making app TikTok, I believe most of you don’t know, right? Well!! In this article, I’m gonna reveal the Triller app which has been giving a tough competition to the TikTok app. So, without wasting time, let’s go through the article and understand What Is Triller App.

What Is Triller App?

Triller App is an app in which it allows a user to create lip sync video for their favorite songs with an editing algorithm that uses intelligent audio and facial analysis to decide when to cut. The users can pick up a song, sync their lips accordingly, and then shoot some video. 

Triller has raised about $28million in a series B round valuing the four year old startup at $140 million. It has 13 million monthly active users and 60 million downloads which are mainly a part of the US and Europe. Triller has gained a solid reputation in the music industry. 

Who Founded Triller App

Award-winning music video director Colin Tilley (Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo and more) and app developers David Leiberman and Sammy Rubin (creators of Mibblio and the chart-topping Disney Frozen: Karaoke) are the team who launched Triller. 

How Does Triller App Work

The Triller App works in such a way that its algorithm analyzes facial recognition and lip sync and compiles it into the video. 

To create an account on Triller App you need to follow the following steps:

1. Download the app from the play store or App store. 

2. As you open the app you will be able to enjoy the video of others without even having your own profile. 

3. To sign in/login  there is a profile icon on the left corner press it. 

4. Press the login/ signin bar  and some options will appear such as Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, email address or phone number. 

5. Connect to your desired account and THERE YOU GO! You have an account on Triller App, As easy as a piece of cake. 

How To Make Videos On Triller App

Once you have made the account open the Triller app. 

You will see the + sign at the bottom of your screen press it and two options will be displayed, you can choose to either create a music video or a vlog. 

Once you have clicked the music video, select your desired song and go along with it. You will be given 2 options at the top of the page My music or Triller music choose according to desire. 

Now you select the particular part of the music you want and start filming. You will have a few seconds before it starts to record. 1, 2,3 and your video will start. Once you have made your video you can now add the filters on it according to your choice there are plenty of options such as wave, fire etc. There will be an option on the right handside to share your video to other social media platforms If you are willing to, or  you can continue with done bar and post it on the Triller App. 

Is Triller Better Than TikTok?

TikTok and Triller are bottleneck competitors. They both look similar but there are some differences between them which develop the uniqueness in each of them: 

1. Triller appears to have its sight set on working with the music industry, while TikTok seems to be gearing up to disrupt it.

2. Each app fundamentally deploys artificial intelligence in a different manner. Triller focuses its AI capabilities on video-editing, while TikTok emphasizes its AI capability on personalized search. 

3. Triller appears to focus more on hip-hop and EDM, while TikTok doesn’t appear to favour any genre. 

However, while they are  different in many regards, both TikTok and Triller share a commonality in perhaps, giving a glimpse as to where social media is heading — a strive towards more authenticity, creativity, and content creation through remixing. 

Is Triller App Safe?

Triller App is one of the most famous apps in plenty of countries. If it wasn’t safe to download it wouldn’t have seen the peak of success. The app can be downloaded from one of the famous stores Googleplay and Istore. Which guarantee of the virus free app. 

Triller App is safe for the teens or not the question arises?  

Parents should be aware that it lets users browse, create, and post videos. In Triller app user-created content often contains content inappropriate for minors, including suggestive performances and substance use. Videos often contain profanity, and users can comment on and like them. The app encourages users to “be famous,” which could push kids to make dangerous or inappropriate videos to gain followers and “support”. 

Final Verdict

In this modern world of  social media having plenty of followers and sharing your life is one of the most important things among the teens. 

As in the business world, we can see that having a professional profile plays a great role as well. So, social media is a part of life to sustain a particular standard. People are grooming themselves, learning, and meeting new people of their mindset due to this social media. 

Triller App is an entertainment app that allows the creates as well as the viewers to enjoy. As enjoyable your videos are the more followers you gain. Similar to other social media platforms, having followers is one of the most important things to gain popularity in the app.

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