Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram in 2022

In today’s social media world, everyone wants to be famous and get popularity from social media platforms. Moreover, people are implementing a lot of strategies to boost their engagement as well as followers on social media platforms. 

Lot of businesses are using Instagram to promote their products and services. Moreover, despite posting videos, photos & reels on their feeds people are not getting results. 

Instagram hashtags play a crucial role when it comes to increasing a lot of followers as well as engagement. Hashtags help people to search a particular aspect that they are looking for.

Did you know? According to stats 81% of people use Instagram to research products & services.

Whenever posting your content on your Instagram feed including a relevant hashtag will help you to grab a lot of attention from the targeted people who have interest in the content that you posted. 

You might be wondering how to find the right hashtags in your Instagram feed. Well!! You landed on the right page. Here we have come up with some of the best hashtag apps for Instagram.

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

in Tags

In Tags comes with a lot of amazing hashtags which you can directly share to your Instagram feed. Moreover, based on your keyword search you’ll get relevant hashtags. User interface of the application is simple: searching hashtags is made simple by rightly categorising.

Additionally, it also enables you to create your own hashtags that you save in section for further use. In simple words in Tags generate & create hashtags to post. 

Hashtag Generator

Another hash app for Instagram is Hashtag generator, Hashtag Generator is an excellent app that allows you to gain more followers and likes on your Instagram account by displaying you with relevant as well as trending hashtags. For instance, just type the required keyword & the app will show a collection of useful hashtags similar to it. Moreover, you can copy the hashtags & paste it to your Instagram post.  Notably, one of the stunning features of this Hashtag Generator app is that it offers content updates of the trending topic on Instagram. 


Tagify is a free tool that enables you to search the best hashtags that are appropriate for your Instagram post. Moreover, based on your selected keyword the app will generate the top popular 30 hashtags. Like other apps you can create your own hashtags and save it for further use.

Hashtags Manager for Instagram Likes and Followers

Another Instagram hashtag generator app is Hashtags Manager, it is an outstanding app which offers a bunch of preset most popular hashtags. By using this app you can get more followers and likes. Moreover,  with its Quick Generate feature, you can select popular hashtags from this based on searched keywords.

Additionally, the app has a feature which shows stats like number of likes & posts which have been taken by a particular hashtag category.

Likes With Tags for Instagram

Another best hashtag app for Instagram is Likes With Tags for Instagram, this app is very simple that based on keyword search you;ll get relevant hashtags that results in more engagement to your Instagram posts. Likes With Tags for Instagram is free contained with content which is appropriate for insta users.

Hashtag Inspector PRO

Hashtag Inspector PRO is yet another best hashtag app for Instagram, it gathers your requirements and offers you with the most trending as well as relevant hashtags. Moreover, the  app is loaded with useful hashtags & serves you based on your keyword search.

Additionally, within the Hashtag Inspector PRO app you’ll get the most interacted accounts & shares as per the hashtags. 

Trending Hashtags by Statstory

Trending Hashtags by Statstory is another popular app for Instagram hashtag, using this app you’ll get some of the most amazing and trending hashtags. Moreover, the app uses real-time data & based on data collected offers you with most relevant hashtags.

Moreover, just search the keyword and the app will show you the customized bunch of hashtags that are most popular to your Instagram posts.   


The above mentioned are the best hashtag apps for Instagram, the apps offers you plenty of relevant hashtags based on your keyword search. More importantly, utilising the apps strategically will help you increase your Instagram engagement. 

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