How Chatbots Helps Businesses


Every Business should have Customer support to enhance Customer Experience. Customer Experience plays a major role in developing or promoting a Product or a Service. So, it has become very important to have a 24*7 customer support. Providing resolution to the customer issues or answering their queries on time and available all the time makes a good impact on Customer experience.

The idea of interacting with machines as if you are talking to another person and getting resolution on time is made possible with Virtual Assistant. Virtual interaction helps in supporting multiple users at the same time which is not possible always  by Human interaction.

What is Chatbot?

Chatbot is a tool, which uses Artificial Intelligence to interact with users in a Natural language. The interaction between users and machines is made possible by Natural Language Processing(NLP). 

The software is configured in such a way that it collects user requirements and understands the user’s intent, collects the relevant data from the enterprise key base and provides information to the user.

Chatbot is a software that uses Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and data processing technologies. Configuring this tool requires Human effort to design a system according to Business requirement.

Types of Chatbots

There are two Major Types of Chatbots

Conversational Chatbot: 

Conversation chatbot is like a virtual assistant. It will be more likely a personalized interaction with these types of chatbots. They initiate chats and analyze the user expectations, and they also provide recommendations to the users.  They use NLP Natural Language Processing, and also Natural Language Understanding.

Example: Alexa

Task-oriented Chatbot: 

This is a Simple Chatbot and most widely used. It usually provides one word answers. This is used to answer frequent, or common questions like the opening hours of business. The queries and FAQs can be easily answered using these Chatbots. 

Ex: Eva

How Chatbot helps Business

Instant 24*7 Support:

Call centers may not be available all the time to resolve Customer queries. But the chatbot has made it possible to provide unlimited support 24*7. We can also scale the bots depending on volume and the business hours.

Promotes a Business:

It is an interactive FAQ, which can answer all the types of queries of users within a second. 

No wait time for customers:

Users may need to wait on calls or chat for a long time to get a proper resolution due to limit staff or due to High volume. Chatbot has eliminated the wait time for customers. Chatbots can support multiple users at the same time.

Boosts Customer Experience:

When a user doesn’t get a proper response on time, it makes a bad impression on users leading to unsatisfied customers. Which will bring a negative impact on promoting business.

Easy to Analyze:

Chatbot help in increasing sales by engaging with customers and after analyzing it will connect users with concerned teams for further assistance, which will help in increasing lead generations. It also help in analyzing customer satisfaction.

Reduces Human effort:

 Chatbot has reduced human efforts as they are very personalized, and they understand human intent and provide relevant support. However, Human interference is required. When it comes to handling complex queries, only then chatbot connects users to a live support.

Minimises service cost:

It requires a huge amount of time to hire, train and pay them to provide good customer experience and to promote a product. This cost is minimized by chatbots which needs a configuration only once and it can be modified as per the business requirements.

How to Choose Chatbot

Chatbot has automated business processes and helps in increasing sales, support and services. Depending on your business requirements we need to identify the proper Chatbot and the type of Chatbot. 

Select Bot type:

Depending upon targeted customers we need to select Chatbots. Chatbots can be Voiced IVR -Interactive Voice response, Messenger app or Website bots. Depending on business requirements whether you need a Chatbot for sales generation or to support users aftersales, Resolving queries or providing Key base or troubleshooting steps, you need to select the proper Chatbot.

Create interactive and personalized chatbots: 

Sometimes users look for call or chat support as they are not able to get a proper response. 

Make it User Friendly:

 Create a unique Chatbot icon or Figure and Give it a unique name. So, that users should prefer bot’s instead of call or chat.

Design Chatbot:

The chatbot should be trained very well and should be designed in a structured way. Design in such a way that complex queries can be transferred to a live chat and the simpler one can be handled by chatbot itself.

Coding Experience:

Coding Experience is not really required. With zero coding experience you can create chatbot easily and it is cost effective.


Ultimately, the chatbot is really helpful for a business as the processes will be automated and helps in boosting customer experience in various ways compared to manual support.

Hope you’ve understood how chatbots helps businesses.

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