How to Grow your eCommerce Business with Digital Marketing

Poor sales?

Low rankings?

Strategies not working.

We have got it covered, no need to get frustrated anymore about them.

Here we have listed some tips to help you grow your eCommerce business.

1)Sale on social media

The number of people using social media is growing each day. People tend to look at a brand’s social media page and then decide whether they want to go to their website or not.

You can use your social media page for sales. Integrate all your social media pages to sales. These sites will also indirectly work as your e-commerce sites for sales. 

You can tag products in your organic feed. Your customers don’t have to check on the website for new offers or discounts going on. They can click on the product they like and the price and description will be available to them. Instagram makes it simple for everyone to shop.

Facebook ads offer targeted segmentation using location to deliver information with a better ROI.

YouTube allows you to upload videos for free. There are tons of bloggers who have a YouTube channel.

You can collaborate with a blogger to make a video about your products, product reviews, or announcement of any new product.

Pinterest will help you to gain customers’ attention and grow your sales. You can post images of your products on Pinterest so if any customer likes it they may pin it and save it. This will help you drive traffic.

2)Optimizing email marketing 

Email marketing campaigns and strategies can help turn your audience into customers from customers to loyal customers. Email marketing campaigns and strategies should be on point. The tips below will help you to improve your email marketing.

•Welcome mail

A warm welcome email is needed for each customer. Welcome mail will re-introduce you to the readers again. Readers will have the idea from whom they are getting emails and what kind of emails.

Offer something valuable that makes them want to stay connected with the brand. Give them a reason to stay with you.

•Personalization is a must

You should add personal elements to your emails. The personal touch to the email will sound customized to the readers. The email should not sound as if it’s sent by a robot. 

•Update customers 

Keep the customer updated about the activities they do on your website or social media.

Give them an update about a product they have purchased online. The description of the product, when it will get delivered, the return policy, and this small information from you will keep them updated. Tell them about the products they have on their wish list.


All shoppers love a deal. Offers and discounts coupons for special occasions like birthdays or festivals provoke customers to shop.

3)Product Reviews

Reviews are such an important aspect that will either turn customers’ eyes to your product or turn them away from your products. 

Reviews of all your products should be in a positive way so it’s easy for the customers to trust your brand.

Verify the customers who review your product so that other customers tend to buy those products. 

Every customer may not like your product but if you are getting negative reviews about a particular product try to improve the quality of your product.

Feedback will help you target customers all around the world.

4)Search Engine Marketing 

 Search engine marketing helps to improve the visibility of your website to see an increase in the ranking of organic search engines. In the short term, it provides quick results.

The most well-known and effective platform of search engine marketing is Google AdWords, which is the paid search channel. E-commerce businesses should focus on.

In 2015 Trivago had used Google AdWords to be on the top relevant search list. Trivago used Google’s Dynamic Search Ads to automate complex search doubts. They asked questions like ‘What are the nicest hotels in Miami?’ This feature of automatically generating headlines according to a particular person’s search helped the company in many ways.

It resulted in 140% of higher click-through rates and greater ROI in the market.

5)Personal experience 

The personal shopping experience of every customer is different. Personalization online is possible, making your customers feel important.

Online stores can address customers by name when they browse, suggestions of related products, coupons, and details about their purchase. 

After purchasing you can keep in touch by sending birthday greetings or birthday month offers.

Ask for feedback, ask them to write a review of the product they have purchased, and keep them engaged all year long. Besides that, you can create recommendation quizzes, and show products at the end of it based on customers’ choices. The free WordPress quiz plugin is a great tool to do that.

Armed with these tips you will be able to grow your sales and increase your revenue. Small things do matter, and these tips will help you make your game stronger. E-commerce businesses need digital marketing as a tool to market them.