The Importance of Chatbots in Every Business

Are chatbots important, yes they are?

According to Forbes, the chatbot market is forecasted to reach $1.25 billion by 2025.

Chatbots are great tools for communication for every business. Customers need to communicate with the company to solve their doubts or know more about the company policies or any product but for a company it is not always possible to assist everyone with instate replies, here chatbot plays an important role.

1)Available 24*7

In traditional marketing customer support was available only on weekdays and working hours of the company. To be in the market today you have to be available to your customers 24*7 and chatbots make it easy for you.

They can answer standard customer questions, and the questions which are too complicated for the chatbot to solve are transferred to the human employee. You just have to set the answers to the most frequently asked question at your place by the customers.

This makes the work of customer service less hectic. Chatbot being an artificial intelligence reduces your workload without being tiered. Multiple requests can be attended at once

2)Customer experience 

Chatbot feels more personal than email. Questions asked are immediately answered. Customers always look for a company representative to talk to and what’s better than a robot helping you out, as robots are considered more intelligent than a human.

Nowadays no one likes waiting in a queue, chatbots reduce the customer’s queue by answering immediately without making them wait.

The chatbot should have a personality related to your company that will influence the customers on how they perceive the interaction. Numerous functions can be added to the chatbot in the preference of how a company should look. 

You can even make your chatbot creative by giving it a name or image. This will represent your brand identity to your audience.

3)Increase your sales

A chatbot can guide a customer through the ways of online shopping. Assist the customer with a product or point out the right offers. Customers will get an immediate reply to influence their decision and provoke them to buy the product immediately.

Right information and offers should reach the customer at the right time and this can be done with the help of a bot. Surveys by Intercom concluded that companies were able to increase their sales by 67 percent with the help of a chatbot.

A chatbot is (3x) three times faster in answering questions. It also increases customer satisfaction, which is more important.

4)Marketing Strategy 

Filling a contact form or inquiry form is boring and customers don’t have the patience to wait for a callback or reply to the email. Bots make things convenient by answering instantly. Bots can impress the customer and leave a good impression on the customer about your brand.

Even voice bots are available. These make conversations more interesting. It feels like you are talking to someone in human. Receiving voice assistance from your website makes the customer feel valued that his/her queries are the need of the company too and this helps you pull maximum traffic to your website from your competitors.

5) Insight into customer behavior 

Customer suggestions, questions, and feedback are all important as this gives us insight into customer behavior. These small things can help to optimize your content strategies.

You can analyze where your customers are facing a problem, where they need help on your website. Taking their suggestions can make the website more user-friendly.

Which products are gaining more popularity and can gain more attention the company can focus on them. Any new product demand recommendations by the customers will help the company to grow.

6)Various use

A chatbot can be used in different sections of the company. Website support, IT help desk, in-app support, and much more.

A chatbot can answer frequently asked questions(FAQs) in the in-app support. Which will guide customers through the application and help them purchase products. User engagement is also increased. Can send notifications to keep the customers updated.

Chatbot on the website can give more information about the company, new collaboration, or a list of the company which is going to launch.

7)Save money

Chatbots help saves money for the company. Reduce the rate of hiring human employees as half the workload is handled by itself. It also saves the infrastructures costs.

Chatbots have helped to save around $8 billion per year for some of the businesses. The chatbot is a great package as it is less expensive i.e onetime investment and can have different features plus the features can be modified according to the company’s needs.


A chatbot is the need of the hour, Chatbots helps all businesses to grow, there is no second thought that any business should give before investing in a chatbot. They provide immediate feedback on which company can start working since it is now one of the trusted and relevant channels for communication with the customers.