Shoploop: Google’s New Video Shopping Platform

There are plenty of famous platforms in social media to entertain or grasp the audience according to their desire. Facebook is used for social networking to stay connected with your family and friends and discover what’s going on in the world and share what matters to them. Instagram is a visual platform used to share the picture according to your desire. Twitter is a platform that allows users to share their thoughts with a huge audience. Every social media platform has their own perk. More importantly, the leading tech giant Google has introduced a new video-shopping platform Shoploop in this article. Let’s study more about the shoploop app video shopping in detail. 

What Is A Shoploop? 

Shoploop is a social media platform which is used to discover new products in an entertaining way and the video is shorter than 90 seconds. 

Shoploop is a venture of Google, they have focused on beauty merchants, content creators and publishers with an emphasis on makeup, skincare, hairs and nails. Customers can save the product to buy it later or can click to buy it directly from the merchant’s website. 

The founder of shoploop is Lax Poojary, who had previously worked on online trip planner, Touring Bird, also at Area 120. 

Shoploop was created by Google’s Area 120 which is an experimental team that creates projects for the platform.

The Shoploop videos may seem similar to the other apps that are currently popular, such as TikTok and Twitter. But  Shoploop isn’t an app,it’s only available to use via the mobile site. 

According to shoploop creators:

“Our goal is to provide them with a platform where they can review and recommend products and help others shop directly from their videos.”

Features Of Shoploop

1. Discover new products in a short video format: The shoploop offers shorter than 90 seconds where you can discover the new products in an entertaining way.

2. Information from the real and relatable people: The Shoploop enables you to get product reviews from real people who are knowledgeable and aware about the products in a particular section.

3. Simple purchasing experience: The shoploop platform provides a simple purchasing experience where they can get the review as well as a recommendation about products from others and helps to shop directly from their videos. 

How To Create A Video In Shoploop?

To create a video in shoploop you first have to enter shoploop in the search engine you will be directed towards the website or click on the link on the official website shoploop app . Connect it with your current Gmail and there you go enjoy the videos and reviews.

 If you are willing to upload a video. Click on the menu on the left hand sidebar there will be few columns click on “Apply to be a creator” and the Google doc will appear. 

Once you have submitted and fulfill all the requirements of the Google doc. 

Press submit and wait for your confirmation. Once you are selected according to their requirements you will be free to add your videos. 

Tip: When you will be posting your video you have to add a link related to your product so the consumer can purchase it directly from your website. They will confirm the commission amount for every purchase made from shoploop. Fill all the information carefully and agree to the contract. 

Final Verdict :

As we are aware that video shopping is not a novel idea. Large companies and various new startups have already embraced the combination of video and commerce. Amazon runs a live streaming platform “Amazon Live” on its retail website. Facebook has enabled live shopping and Instagram has its own shop destination. 

There are plenty of startups of mobile shopping that have embraced video like Dote, popshop, Depop, etc. There is nothing to say that shoploop app video shopping has discovered an untapped trend. But it’s more convenient than any other platform in a way that the videos are not more than 90 sec so it’s not like YouTube but more like TikTok. The consumer can purchase the product or can save the video to purchase the product later. It’s better than just watching the picture of the product. It shows how the product is used and its final result as well within a few seconds

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