What Is Airtel Bluejeans? The Rival Of Jio’s New App

The need for video conferencing has boomed in the last few months as companies started giving the opportunity to work from home. More importantly, communication is very necessary for employers and workers. considering this, one of the top telecom company Airtel has launched the Airtel bluejeans. So, let’s check out what is airtel bluejeans app and how to use it.

What is Airtel Bluejeans?

Airtel Bluejeans is a Secure Video conferencing service launched by Airtel. It is more secure, world-class services and can have more than 50,000 participants at a time, which differentiates it from other video conferencing apps. Moreover. it can be used for sharing screens, one to one Video calls, hosting meetings, etc. Meetings are password protected and easy to use. It is a cross-platform which is supported on both Mobile and Desktops.

Who Launched Airtel Bluejeans?

During this work from home era, When there are many video conferencing apps available in India like Jiomeet app, Airtel has come up with Airtel Bluejeans-most secure video conferencing app especially for Businesses. Airtel has announced that it has joined hands with “Verizon”-which is a techcrunch parent company in developing video-conferencing services and to extend the service not only in India, but also in other countries.

Notably, It is available only for enterprises at present and one can Register on Airtel’s website to use a free trial of three months. After three months it will be a paid service and the price is yet to be decided by Airtel.

Additionally, downloading app is not necesssary, one can host and join the meeting using the web. Video calls can be made with 50 paisa per call. Airtel is aiming to launch bluejeans app for customers for video calling and hosting meetings. 

Features of Airtel Bluejeans

1. Airtel Bluejeans comes with features of sharing screens, Airtel-Audio Bridge, Dolby voice and HD video quality.

2. All meetings that take place on airtel bluejeans have Two-step authentication.

3. Security features include Meeting IDs, Participation Codes, Fraud Detection and meeting lock etc.

4. The Platform has Security Standards as WebRTC and HTML5 for Browser  Based-acess.

5. It is easy to use. One can join a meeting without downloading a software.

6. Dial-in option to join the meeting is availabl with Integrated audio solutions.

7. It has AES-256 GCM data encryption-which is more secure.

8. It supports all major Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS, etc.

9. Meetings can be a host on websites with more than 15000 participants and can be used for video calls-50 paisa per call.

How to Use Airtel BlueJeans?

1. Visit Official website of Airtel bluejeans.

2. Click on Register for Free. Enter details such as Name, Number, Email and company. Agree to terms and conditions.

3. Enter the OTP received on the next screen. It may take 24hrs for activation. You will receive an activation link on Registered Emai-lD.

4. You can contact Customer support, which works 24*7 for any queries.

It is available in play store and AppStore with 4.8 ratings on App store and 4.5 ratings on Play Store.

How to use Airtel Bluejeans App

1. After Launching Bluejeans app, One can directly join the Meeting by entering Meeting ID and passcode.

2. If you want to Host a meeting, Click on sign up and it will take you to the same website and follow the above mentioned steps.

3. Click on Meeting, Host a meeting and select the participants and Invite.

Pros of Airtel Bluejeans

1. It is a cross-platform service, supports almost all devices and operating systems.

2. It is very useful for businesses because of its secure features like Data Encryption, Two-factor Authentication and Meeting Passcode.

3. Participants cannot join the meeting without OTP or passcodes.

4. It is easy to access. To join a meeting or to Host a meeting, One needs to visit the website and enter the passcode, no need to download the app. 

Cons of Airtel Bluejeans

1. It is a paid service, while all other video conferencing apps are free applications with almost all required features.

2. Every Video call is charges 50 paisa per call.

3. It is only available for Enterprises and airtel is yet to develop the app for customers.

How Safe is Airtel Bluejeans.

Airtel has always provided the best Services to its Customers. Airtel is aiming to provide a safe and complete secure platform for Businesses and to customers. Additionally, It has a High Level of security with differentiated video conferencing services. Because of its High-Grade security, it will prevent unwanted participants from joining meetings. It also protects user data with high-level data encryption.

I hope you have got the answer to what is bluejeans app and stay tuned for more reviews.

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