What Is Jio Glass: Features|Price|Date Of Launch

Today Digital technology has impacted our lives in ways we had not imagined. We are surrounded by technology no matter what we do today, it has an influence of technology to it. Technology has made work more easy, efficient, and reliable. Jio has been working in enabling world-class connectivity for homes and is collaborating to provide entertainment solutions for everyone. Now, Jio has gone a step forward to make sure that these digital interactions are felt more real where people can not only see each other face to face but also feel the presence of another person in the same room despite being physically away. So let us talk about the latest innovation of jio called as jio glass and know what is jio glass and jio glass features 

What is Jio Glass

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio has launched Jio Glass a device that is a  mixed reality (MR)-based holographic lens system.

Jio glass is similar to sunglasses and allows users to perform various tasks such as hosting conference calls. You can also share and view presentations as well as 3D designs on a virtual screen.

Jio Glass Features 

1. Jio glass comes with a convenient cable that you can attach to your phone and thus connect to the internet

2. The device weighs only 75 grams 

3. It has set the cutting edge of technology that provides the best in class mixed reality services

4. It has paid special attention to the graphics so that users get the highest class visual experience 

5. On the audio front Jio have pioneered special and personalized audio system without having any accessories attached. This audio system supports all the standard audio formats

6  It supports more than 25 apps

7. It is also equipped with a camera to record things.

Jio Glass Features

More About Jio Glass Services

In times of covid 19 pandemic our way of working and work space as completely changed and digital collaboration has seen an exponential growth. We can now completely reimagine this in a mixed reality space with jio glass. You could be sitting at home and join a meeting in your office with your colleagues in three dimensions.

These glasses support holographic calls, it supports voice control and you can call anyone by giving commands like “hello jio please call xyz”.

You can have people in 3D avatar and can feel like he is standing in front of you and also you can join in 2D video call format from your home or offices.

Additionally, it allows smooth collaboration across devices and platforms to ensure we stay connected no matter where we are, and while you are chatting with your colleagues.

You can also share presentations that you will be able to view and present on a large virtual screen in any virtual environment you want. 

With the help of these glasses you can also have design discussions and deliberations while sharing 3d assets and holograms with your colleagues.

The COVID 19 pandemic has prompted one of the most important applications in the immersive space which is education. The device is making teachers and students come together in the virtual rooms and conduct holographic classes through jio mixed reality cloud in real-time.

We can literally travel to the places and immerse ourselves in the 3-dimensional world for example you can see the pyramids of Egypt or the Colosseum in Rome in 3D. With these glasses, the traditional way of learning geography will now be history. 

Jio Glass Price

As far as pricing is concerned reliance platform has not revealed the price of jio glass. We expect the price will be reasonable where everyone can afford and experience the mixed virtual reality. 

The platform hasn’t revealed the date of the launch of jio glass. We can surely expect them in the upcoming months. 

We hope you have got what is jio glass, stay tuned for more upcoming tech reviews.

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