What Is Remove China Apps? How To Remove Chinese Apps

Well!! With the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic in India, anti-China sentiments are on the rise in the country. Moreover, this sentiment is triggered by several controversies like youtube vs TikTok, India-china border dispute. Notably, according to the recent survey, 67 percent of Indians think that China is responsible for COVID 19 pandemic.

So, the aforementioned controversies have led the young Indian developers to develop an application to filter the Chinese based mobile applications which are installed on the phone and giving an option to delete them instantly.

More importantly, the mobile application called “Remove China Apps” is creating a lot of buzz among Indians.

Since it went live on Google Play on May 17 it is getting a lot of momentum with 5 Million plus downloads and is receiving positive reviews with 4.9 ratings from nearly 190K reviews on the Google Play Store. 

What is Remove China Apps? 

The developers of the “Remove China App” claim that the application is developed for educational purposes. The application helps the user to identify the applications which are Chinese based (Developed by Chinese companies) and flags them and gives an option to delete them. 

However, this app only deletes the Chinese apps that you have already downloaded but not the one which are preinstalled on the phone as bloatware.

The developers of the Remove China Apps are claiming that in the next update they will roll out an option which will remove the Chinese bloatware 

Currently, the app is available only for android users. Remove China App is just 3.5 MB in size and you can download it for free from Google Play Store.

On the other hand, the application is not available on the App store hence the user of ios devices will not be able to use it. Further, the company said that it is working on the ios version which might be available for ios users in near future. 

Who Founded Remove China Apps

It was Developed by a Self-Proclaimed Indian Startup called as OneTouch AppLabs.

Which is based in Jaipur (Rajasthan)  having 8+ years of experience in Mobile and Web Application designs, development and management.

How To Remove China Apps From Your Phone

1. Firstly Download and Install Remove China Apps from Google Play Store.

2. Open the Application.

3. Click on “Scan Now” to filter the Chinese apps installed on your phone.

4. The app will scan the installed applications on your mobile phone and show the Chinese apps that it finds.

5. If you are willing to remove any of the listed apps, then click on the delete icon next to the app’s name.

6.Finally!! Remove China Apps will delete the app from your android phone.

How To Remove China Apps From Your Phone

Is It Necessary To Remove Chinese Apps From your Phone?

Well!! It’s a highly subjective matter. At the end of the day, it is your call to keep or remove these apps.

Having said that, if there is an application installed on your phone which you think is trustworthy, reliable, and indispensable it might make no sense to uninstall it from your phone.

Final Verdict

Notably, As per the application, the company states that its aim is to develop world-class products in India and make India self-reliant. And also they do not promote or force people to uninstall any of the applications.

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