What Is Takatak App: The Rival Application By MX Player

As the clock of TikToking has stopped in India due to the spying of user’s data surreptitiously. The demand for short video-making apps has grown gigantically among the Indian users, taking into consideration many tech companies are scrambling to attract the users with new short video making apps. More importantly, Indian video streaming company MX player has come up with the Mx Takatak app. So, let’s discuss what is takatak app.

What Is Takatak App?

MX Takatak is a short video application, recently launched in India. The application interface looks similar to the very famous app-Tiktok. It contains all features of Tiktok.

At the time, when 59 apps were banned in India including Tiktok, MX media and Entertainment launched MX Takatak. 

The App is available in the Play Store and App store and it’s a free application in India. More importantly, one can create a short video with the inbuilt effects, Songs available and there are more than 10,000 status videos are available.

One can use this app to showcase his/her skills in the form of a short video. Every TikTok user is in search of short video applications. However, there are many Indian short video applications available in AppStore, MX Takatak contains Quality video content and video editing, Songs, filters, effects, and dubbing features. 

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Features Of MX Takatak

1. There is an option of whatsapp status saver.

2. Trending videos contain all types of videos like, fun, dubbing, music, dance, Lip synching and Tech videos etc.

3. Select video languages from a list of languages available like, Hindi, English, Kannada, telugu, tamil, marathi, punjabi etc.

4. Downloaded videos can be watched offline in the download bar.

5. Create and edit the video as you want with the editing options, filters etc.

6. Share the videos on Facebook, Whatsapp and instagram etc.

7. Music Library has a collection of latest and all types of songs and best audio lyrics.

How To Use Takatak App

1. Install and Launch Takatak app.

2. No Sign in required to watch videos.

3. You need to sign in with a phone number and OTP to follow Someone.

4. You can watch all trending videos.

5. To create a video, click on + in the bottom and start recording video, add music, effects and filters.

6. Click on the home button to select languages, and to save whatsapp status.

7. Watch videos offline by clicking on downloads in the home tab.

8. Comment, like and share the video directly to whatsapp status.

Pros of Takatak App

1. User-friendly interface.

2. Easy to create video with beaty cam, photo editor and music library.

3. Watch downloaded videos in the app offline.                                     

Cons of Takatak App

1. Application consumes more data and there is no option to select DP.

Final Verdict

Overall, the MX takatak app is quite good to use and it is at the initial phase and I wish it gains a lot of popularity among Indian users in the upcoming days.

I hope you have understood what is takatak app and the only intention is to give my readers valuable information. Moreover, they don’t have to search for the takatak app on other websites.

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